Michaela Watkins to Star In Comedy Series “Casual” at Hulu, Executive Produced by Jason Reitman

(via Deadline)

Netflix and Amazon are stepping up their games with producing original comedy content. The upping of $1 billion more in debt and Woody Allen specifically come to mind. So, naturally, Hulu will be expanding to more comedy series as well after their success with Burning Love and Hotwives.

So, they’ve enlisted the likes of Michaela Watkins who we’re certain you’ve seen in anything from Wanderlust to a plethora of online videos/sketches to Enlightened and so much more as well as the expertise of Jason Reitman in an executive producing role.

A dysfunctional bachelor brother, divorcee sister, and rebel daughter will attempt navigate through the treacherous waters of dating in this series called Casual

With guidance from Reitman, we think this will be more than just your average sitcom where estranged family members come together while also trying to find significant others.