FX Orders Animated Post Apocalyptic Western Comedy Pilot “Cassius & Clay”

(via The Hollywood Reporter)

As far as we can tell, it sounds like Westworld meets Thelma and Louise meets Blazing Saddles or future Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid as an animated comedy.

Lake Bell and Kaitlin Olson will voice a badass bandit duo that goes back and forth between staying in and out of trouble, but ultimately getting into trouble anyway in a world that’s both post apocalyptic America and popularizes saloons again. Other characters will be voiced by the likes of Jeffrey Tambor and Susan Sarandon (AKA Louise).

Megan Ganz and Adam Reed from Community/Modern Family and Archer respectively, wrote the pilot that we’re curious if it’ll explain the reference to Muhummad Ali’s original name.

Still, this sounds intriguing on so many levels that we hope it gets picked up just so we can see what it would look like.