Pick of the Day: Casey Wilson’s The Wreckage of My Presence Virtual Book Tour

We sincerely hope that, at this point, there’s something that you’ve come across in the work of Casey Wilson that you’ve loved. Happy Endings, Hotwives, Bitch Sesh, and so much more have brought Wilson to have such an extensive, cherished career ini comedy. Thus, she wrote a whole collection of essays about her time through all of it that’s lovingly called The Wreckage of My Presence. It’s set for release on May 4th, but you can (and should) pre-order here.

Of course, she’s going to do a book tour, but as a certain pandemic is still happening, it’ll have to be virtual. However, that’s an opportunity to support many lovely bookstores/venues/festivals as well as source out a very stacked collection of special guests as you can see below.

4/29 with June Diane Raphael
5/4 with Kristen Wiig via Skylight Books/Dynasty Typewriter
5/5 with Ziwe via Greenlight Booksttore
5/6 with Adam Pally via Sixth & I
5/12 with Jessi Klein and Andrew Rannells via Chicago Humanities Festival

Just from those few dates, that’s one hell of a book tour and you should go to any or all of these book release events for The Wreckage of My Presence.