Get a Taste of Season 4 of FXx’s Curated Short Form Series “Cake”

The first three rounds of FX’s Cake brought several slices of a wildly multi-layered, multi-flavored “cake” featuring live-action, animation, musical comedy, etc. from all round the world.

They’re thankfully doing another round of it and that will be served up shortly on Thurs. Mar. 11th in fact. Apparently, it will be premiering on FXx, but it’s very likely that you’ll just stream it on Hulu the next day (when it’s available for streaming).

There’s a bit of teaser that just gives a little dollop’s worth of what’s to come. If you need a break from reality (and we’re guessing that you do), this new season of Cake might be just what you need.

Watch the teaser for season 4 of Cake here.