The best of the best of the best of UCB’s improv teams (and, man, are they good) are duking it out in the annual The Cagematch 2019 Winners Tournament over the next month and a half. 

The match-ups and schedules are as follows:

Wednesday, September 11th – 11pm @ UCB Franklin
#1 Lotta People Here Tonight (Shaun Diston & Devin Field) [26-0; Del Close Marathon 2019 Champions]
#8 k3wlAZN420 (Lizz Adams, Chuck Maa, Allyn Pintal, & Erich Tamola)[1-1; interim champs]

Wednesday, September 18th – 11pm @ UCB Franklin
#2 The House of Gains (Brennan Lee Mulligan & Lou Wilson) [7-1]
#7 Fruits & Nuts (Ava Palazzolo, Brenda Marie Davies, Jackie Young, Mya Dalton, Zoe Travis, & Mark Renaudin) [UCB Indie Tournament Champions]

Wednesday, September 25th – 11pm @ UCB Franklin
#3 WILD (Amanda Bonar, Molly Doan, Meg Joh, Cara Meyers, Allyson Phillips, & Jessica Svendsgaard) [6-2]
#6 Musical The Musical! (Matt Harbert, Angie Englebert, Kelly Lynne D’Angelo, Leah McCormick, Andrew Paulsen, Carlie Craig, Gabe Greenspan, Rachel Borders, Jessica Poter, & Alison Tafel) [1-1]

Wednesday, October 2nd – 11pm @ UCB Franklin
#4 Adumer, Tart, & Neal (Aman Adumer, Jacquis Neal, & Carl Tart) [6-0; current champs]
#5 Hottest Ppl On Earth (“Danny Beckman”, Tracey Kennedy, & “Kyle Thompson”) [UCB 3-on-3 Tournament Champions]

Then, semifinals will be hed October 9th & October 16th and 2019 Cagematch champion will be determined on Oct. 23rd all at 11PM at UCB Franklin, hosted by The Pasadena Plague (Ryan Hitchcock, Mark David Christenson, and Jane Kim).

Tickets for 9/11, 9/18, 9/26 are all on sale right now. Go get tickets quick before for $7 a pop before they sell out.