Get Your First Look at Chris Redd, Langston Kerman, Sam Jay, and Jak Knight in Peacock’s “Bust Down”

Though Peacock reported yet another loss for the mega media conglomerate Comcast NBC Universal to the tune of several hundreds of millions of dollars this week, they did also report a healthy subscriber base of 17 million. That’s a pleasant surprise considering they were a late entry into the streaming service game.

Part of that has to do with the sort of content they’ve amassed and put out, perhaps the revival of cult favorite MacGruber being part of that reason. NBC’s streaming service has another card to play in the coming months of 2022 with a brand new comedy in Bust Down. The cast of Jak Knight, Langston Kerman, Sam Jay, and Chris Redd, all rising star comedians through SNL, Big Mouth, Insecure, or maybe even their own show, Pause with Sam Jay, is a selling point all on its own.

The premise of “Four casino employees in a dead-end job in middle America attempt to find self-worth in their bad ideas,” from Luke Del Tredici and Dan Goor could very well be frosting on this cake of a show. It might end up being the sitcom for these late stage capitalist, ongoing pandemic-ridden, climate change ravaged times that makes any and all of us in the thick of struggle feel less alone.

Or, it could be a great vehicle for Redd, Knight, Kerman, and Jay to show off, which we’re also on board for.

Whatever the case may be, get the very first look at Bust Down here, then look for it stream on Peacock starting Mar. 10th.