Broke LA provides a great platform for new artists in music, art, film, and comedy as well as a big one day festival that doesn’t break the bank and is here in the Arts District in DTLA.

For the “Comedy Sandbox”, the line-up includes:

Alex Hanna
Allison Mick
Anna Valenzuela
Ashley Hamilton
Atsuko Okatsuka
Brendan Cooney
Christine Medrano
Connor McSpadden
Dan Nolan
David Gborie
Ed Greer
Harrison Greenbaum
Heather Marulli
Jessica Sele
Johan Miranda
Katrina Davis
Kyle Kinane
Marcella Arguello
Mateen Stweart
Mike Schmidt
Nat Baimel
Nick Petrillo
Omid Singh
Paige Weldon
Papp Johnson
Rachel Mac
Ramy Youssef
Simon Gibson
Valerie Tosi
Zach Noe Towers

In case you didn’t know, there a lot of talented folks that you should be catching in that line-up.

Get your tickets for Broke LA here.