Pick of the Day: Enjoy It! LIVE: A Celebration of the Life and Comedy of Steven Brody Stevens 5/22

Just over two years ago, the world lost a fiercely burning light of positivity, a, as Zach Galifianakis would lovingly describe, jock who does performance art, and one of the most original comedians that ever was.

Brody tragically passed away by his own hand in 2019, but his #positivepush spirit very much lives on in the lives of comedians and fans alike. That’s why there’s a bench in dedication to Brody in the Valley (as Brody would be 818 even after he died) and there’s a special tribute to him on his birthday, May 22nd, on RushTix.

YOUUUUUU GOT IT! Enjoy It! LIVE will celebrate Brody’s comedy and life as well as feature stand-up from his closest friends. It’ll also double as fundraiser for Comedy Gives Back, an org dedicated to supporting comedians in need, especially when it comes to mental and emotional health.

This special evening of Enjoy It! LIVE is set to go live on Sat. May 22nd at 6PM PT/9PM ET. Tickets are $10-$30 and you really ought to snag ’em here.