Brew Haha, One of LA’s Best Underground Shows, Can Now Be Enjoyed as a Digital Series

For years now, people have gathered a various backyards around LA to enjoy the live comedy show drinking game that has come to be known and loved as Brew Haha, dreamt up and created by Jimmy Ambrose, Aaron Black, Marissa Gallant, and Brad Silnutzer.

Both comics and audience get to engage in their own sides of a drinking game while they do/watch stand-up, making for a, put quite simply, a damn good time. Thanks to Thrillist you can enjoy the same sort of merriment that crowds that make it feel like your at a movie level house party as they’ve produced a digital series of Brew Haha.

For once, you actually won’t have to worry about getting there early to get a seat. So, please watch and enjoy the first episode (and maybe even play along with the drinking game) here.