Want to Hear What Comedians Obsess Over? Listen to Brent Sullivan’s “Completely Obsessed”


Whether you’re aware of it not, much of the material that comedians present to the world is a result of their personal obsessions. It may be an obsession of any kind, but often times it’s an fascination with the darker, wierder corners of humanity that often get glossed over by polite society. From that angle, you can see where there’s a driving force in a good percentage of humor.

Brent Sullivan has sought out to delve into and explore these particular comedian obsessions in his aptly named podcast Completely Obsessed. The likes of Anthony Jeselnik, Sean Patton, Kate Berlant, Dan St. Germain, and more really get into the nitty gritty of anything from plane crashes to pornography to Christmas. Brent is also fascinating himself as his various neuroses and anxieties come into conversation in discussing these various subjects of odd interest.

Give it a listen here and you might just see some of the parts of the sausage, so to speak, that makes up a lot of jokes.