Bonnie McFarlane Returns to “The Late Show”, This Time with Stephen Colbert as Host

In this new era of late night, you might know that stand-up comedy being featured is a much different beast than it used to be in the heyday of Leno and Letterman. 

Sensibilities are different, the times, they are a changin’, there are less slots for stand-ups on late night, and a literal “tight five” is a thing of the past. Since comedy is more expansive than it’s ever been and the access, thanks to the Internet, is greater than it has ever been, it’s much harder to stand out. 

That being said, Bonnie McFarlane is a good example of someone who bridges this specific gap. She is one of the few women who got to perform stand-up on Letterman and this past week, she just got another great set on The Late Show with its new host Stephen Colbert. As of now, only a few other comedians, Jerry Seinfeld and Nick Griffin, have gotten the distinction of performing on both Letterman and Colbert.

Watch Bonnie’s latest Late Show set and see what we’re talking about here.