Bob Odenkirk Looking to Revive “Mr. Show” Rather Than Do a Reunion

(via The AV Club)

Instagrams of the old Mr. Show crew writing together again and Kickstarter prizes from David Cross’ Hits have set the Internet ablaze with the possibility of a Mr. Show reunion happening this year. However, it’s not as simple as a cut and dried one-off reunion according to Bob Odenkirk in a recent interview with The AV Club.

On the subject of a new Mr. Show, Bob says: 

“However, we are working on new sketches and a new show together. And we want to do multiple episodes of it. And yet we’re limited. [Cross has] sold two series in England and I have Better Call Saul to attend to. So we have limited time, but we do want to do a new series of sketch comedy that’s new sketches and new energy, and we are laughing our asses off writing it.”

Odenkirk continues:

So right now we don’t know where it’s going to play. We just don’t know. But we’re trying to nail it down quick. We’re talking to people now and everybody knows how fast we have to move on this. Because people have jobs and they have to know what they’re going to do in February and March.

So, networks and streaming services alike, you have been put on notice to make the new Mr. Show happen ASAP.