Here’s the Very First Teaser for Bob Odenkirk as ‘Lucky Hank’

There was a whiff of a teaser that we’ve gotten for Bob Odenkirk‘s next big thing AMC, Lucky Hank, but there wasn’t much more to go off of other than seeing Bob’s face as the character and the source material, Richard Russo‘s novel Straight Man. That’s especially intriguing considering whether the split between comedy and drama would be for this show.

Seems like, from this very first teaser, that Odenkirk, as the titular Hank Devereaux, will be falling more into the comedy side of things. That seems explicitly clear as Hank seems inundated with the sort of life that makes his nickname ironic (especially the final moment of the teaser).

It’s just a tiny morsel, but it’s a pretty tasty one and one that is signaling perhaps a third acclaimed show Bob Odenkirk has been in on AMC.

Look for the premiere of Lucky Hank on Mon. Mar. 19th on AMC and AMC+.