Netflix to Release Bob Odenkirk’s “Girlfriend’s Day”

(via The Hollywood Reporter)

Netflix is smart to stay in the Bob Odenkirk business.

WIth Bob & David has only been on Netflix for a little bit and already, Netflix is planning their next move with Bob by picking up the film he stars in and co-wrote with Philip Zlotorynski and Eric Hoffman, Girlfriend’s Day.

In the movie, Odenkirk, as a greeting card writer, tries to clear his name from being accused of murder. 

Like, Beasts of No Nation, you’ll have the chance to see it in limited release in theaters as well as on Netflix.

Between Better Call Saul, With Bob & David, this film, and probably more on the way, we’re glad to see Odenkirk back in the limelight as big as he has ever been.