Please Help Save The Bob Baker Marionette Theater

You’ve very likely seen that the enduring pandemic has taken down live venues around the country, one-by-one as the months wear on in lockdown (especially with another full scale lockdown looming). UCB in NYC, The Creek & The Cave, Cap City Comedy Club, and Improv Olympic have unfortunately made the grave decision to close down for good as the cost of trying to weather the storm and re-opening was just far too costly.

The Bob Baker Marionette Theater could be another such place that will have to close without direct support (and that doesn’t seem to be coming from the government, like it should be, any time soon). For decades, The Bob Baker Marionette Theater has been one of the more magical, hidden gems of LA that housed famous puppeteer Bob Baker and all of his creations. All sorts of puppet, marionette, and variety shows have been put up at the theater to the delight of so many folks of all ages.

Before the pandemic started creeping in, The Bob Baker Marionette Theater was just getting used to their shiny, brand new home in Eagle Rock. It would be a travesty if building up their new theater and moving across town was all for naught just because of COVID-19.

So, they’re looking to raise funds to keep them afloat into 2021 (and hopefully longer). Their goal is $365K and they’re already almost a third of the way there. Please consider keeping one of LA’s treasures around and support the Bob Baker Marionette Theater here.