Blythe Roberson’s “How To Date Men When You Hate Men” Delightfully Unpacks the Forces That Make Dating Terrible


Though it’s territory that many people have traversed for several years, there still seems to be plenty of pesky mystery when it comes to the notion of dating and relationships. It’s almost like something else is at work to keep that “dating is hard” maxim feel so true to everyone.

How to Date Men When You Hate Men by Blythe Roberson takes on the task of questioning and picking apart the forces, institutions, and bits of pop culture that have pigeon-holed so many folks into thinking dating has to be this certain circle of hell. Roberson, who regularly contributes to The Onion and The New Yorker, accomplishes this feat by presenting all the complex layers of dating in a way that’s sharp, enlightening, and incisively funny.

Go read a great excerpt at The New Yorker and/or the beginning of the book on Amazon.

If you’re digging it, you can go get How To Date Men When You Hate Men here or on Amazon or wherever books or sold.