Baron Vaughn Weaves Magical Realism Exquisitely into Comedy in “Blaxistential Crisis”


If you’ve not had the pleasure of seeing Baron Vaughn live, it is indeed one of those cases where you have not really lived until you have done so. He is really one of a kind at a time in comedy where that is incredibly hard to actually do (given how many comedians there are these days).

His new album, Blaxistential Crisis off of AST Records, not only shows off his great, theatrical performance chops, but also takes us through a journey through Baron’s own personal version of space and time that’s coupled with the undeniable fact that he’s black man in America. It’s simultaneously a bouncy, colorful flight of fancy and a commentary on the unnecessary divides between mankind. It’s not often that magical realism and stand-up intersect, but Baron makes the most of it in this instance.

So, get Blaxistential Crisis right here right now.