Bill Murray and Sofia Coppola Christmas Special Will Follow Murray Avoiding Getting Representation and Will Have Clooney, Poehler, Etc.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)

So, that Christmas special that will star Bill Murray and be directed by Sofia Coppola is coming together. 

First off, Murray will play himself as will George Clooney, Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, and more. Then, eschewing more traditional holiday tropes in the majority of Christmas specials, the story will center on Bill avoiding by someone signing him as his representation in what we can only assume to be a Lost In Translation-esque romp through LA. 

So, we were already on board for this and now, we’re even more on board if that’s possible.

No word on where this will end up, but we’re thinking HBO, AMC, IFC, FX, Netflix, Amazon, etc.