Netflix Orders 70s Animated Series “F Is For Family” Created by Bill Burr and Mike Price

(via TV Line)

While the label of being the next Louis C.K. has been put on Bill Burr from time to time, Burr has insisted that, as nice as that is, he’s not C.K. 

In the sense that he’s expanding from being one of the most beloved stand-ups currently working today to creating and starring in shows, Burr is certainly moving in the same direction that C.K. has and we have no doubt he’s going to be great at it.

He already has a pilot ordered by FX, Pariah, and now, Bill has just scored a series order from Netflix for an animated 70s family comedy he co-created with The Simpsons’ Mike Price that will be titled F Is For Family. Burr will also be voicing the head of the family along with a great cast of Laura Dern and Justin Long.

In case it isn’t clear, we love everything about this.