Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon’s “Big Sick” Goes Into Production with Judd Apatow Producing and Michael Showalter Directing

(via Variety)

It’s like we’re playing ‘Christmas Present Madlibs for Comedy Nerds’.

All the names above, Kumail, Emily, Apatow, and Michael Showalter, are essentially buzzwords for those in-the-comedy-know, especially when it comes to The Meltdown, Stella, and Undeclared. Now they’re all teaming up with a script from Nanjiani and Gordon with Apatow as well as the very accomplished producer Barry Mendel attached to produce and Showalter directing.

FilmNation is set to release and finance the production of what is called Big Sick and that’s all that we know about the project at this time. Still, just knowing all the people involved here is good enough for you to go along with whatever movie they’re cooking up.