Things Get a “Little” Strange When Craig Robinson Wears a Tam O’Shanter Hat in ‘Beverly Luff Linn’ Trailer

Often times, the best trailers get you intrigued with a movie without really telling you what’s going on. You’re confused, yet, maybe you want to see more.

Such is the case with the trailer for An Evening with Beverly Luff Linn, directed by Jim Hosking and co-written by Hosking and David Wike. There seems to be a caper afoot, but the hype over a stage show that stars a man named Beverly Luff Linn (played by Craig Robinson) in Scottish garb seems to take precedence over any confusion (even though it’s not quite clear what the show is).

See for yourself in the trailer here, then look for An Evening with Beverly Luff Linn in theaters and On Demand & Digital starting October 19th.