Ben Roy’s New Album “Ooze Your Delusions” Is a Really Great Way to Enjoy Laughing Through Your Rage


On performance of his jokes alone, Ben Roy is a thrill to watch and listen to. It’s almost as if his comedy is to stand-up as MC5′s Kick Out the Jams was a shock to sixties’ rock.

Ooze Your Delusions, Ben’s follow-up to No Enlightenment to Sobriety, picks up right where he left off being the best, bombastic firebrand comic and yet poetic throughout his rants all at the same time. Truly, it’s a great way to release rage that you might have right now for some reason via Ben channeling his own rage into comedy. Also, he does all of this without really getting political, which might be refreshing for some Trump-weary comedy fans. 

Ooze Your Delusions is available now from 800 Pound Gorilla Records here.