Barack Obama Cemented His Legacy as Our Funniest President Ever with His Anger Translator Luther and Cecily Strong Spared No One at Last Night’s White House Correspondents Dinner

What was being called “Nerd Prom” turned out to be a pretty great roast. 

Last night’s Annual White House Correspondents Dinner will be a night to remember whether you were in attendance, watching it on YouTube, or actually tuning into C-SPAN.

President Obama delivered another great performance and even brought along Keegan Michael-Key as his “Anger Translator” Luther. It’s pretty undeniable that he’s the funniest president in American history. 

Host Cecily Strong really cut deep with a lot of her jokes when she took the stage and dished it out throughout the whole room including President Obama himself and even Hillary Clinton who she favors. In fact, some jokes probably hit too close to home for some in the room and play way better to those watching it on screen. 

Even though HBO has picked a showrunner to fill in after Armando Iannucci leaves Veep, it wouldn’t be entirely surprising to see Barack involved in the show after his leaves the White House.