Pick of the Day: Bake Stuff with Lindsay Adams (in LA) 5/11

Though we may have said it before, we’ll loudly and proudly say it again: Bake Stuff with Lindsay Adams will make you forget about every other cooking show you’ve binged watch over the last several years.

For the uninitiated, Lindsay Adams takes the format of what would be your run of the mill, “uplifting”, conflict-free baking show and then works in her own brand of reformed mean girl comedy that includes plenty of going in deep with the audience, amazing “stupid games”, and, of course, some of the most delicious baked goods that you’ve ever had a live comedy show.

This is one of those shows that we loved and missed so dearly during lockdown and we’re thrilled that it’s making a comeback at The Elysian on Wed. May 11th at 7PM PT. Lindsay will be assisted by rising star comedian Max Beasley, feature a very special guest Renee Gauthier, and baking up a transcendent Chicago Steakhouse Carrot Cake.

The antithesis of your typical wholesome tv baking show, it’s chaos in the most fun way possible. Along with a live step-by-step baking demonstration, there’s stand-up comedy, audience participation, and delightfully stupid games. We’ll be making Chicago Steakhouse Carrot Cake, Renee Gauthier will be our special guest, and Max Beasley is our on-hand assistant. Because we know you’ll ask – YES, you’ll get to taste the cake!

Tickets are $16 and you’re definitely getting more than your money’s worth for this one. So, go snag your tickets right here right now.