Enough with black walls, doors, and chairs. It’s time to see improv in an immersive art installation and have an experience that you’ve probably never had.

Bad Traffic in the Alchemy Tunnel, thanks to host Christiana Morgenroth and producer Max Lasser, will combine some really swell improv teams with UCB Cagematch champs WILD, K3WLAZN420 that does improv off your first experiences w/the Internet, and experimental darlings Funk Shuffle and an aforementioned art installation called the ALCHEMY TUNNEL by one Laurie Shapiro.

All of this will happen at Radiant Space at 1444 N. Sierra Bonita Ave. (right around where Meltdown used to be) on Fri. Oct. 11th at 9PM (doors 8:30PM).

Tickets are on sale right now $15 and you can (and very much should) go get them here.