Armando Iannuci’s Latest Series “Avenue 5″ Gets a Teaser and You Can Behold Hugh Laurie at the Head of a Space Cruise

Up until very recently, Armando Iannucci pretty much wheeled and dealed in devastatingly funny political satire with In The Loop, Veep, The Thick of It, Death of Stalin.

This latest HBO series sees one of most brilliant comedic voices of our time take on something more in the realm of sci-fi. Avenue 5 follows a space cruise (kind of like the one in the Fifth Element) for the ultra-wealthy and how things, of course, go awry. Also, Hugh Laurie gets to be a series regular again as well as the apparent head of this space cruise named Avenue 5. Thus far, we’re on board for whatever this will end up being.

See for yourself in this teaser, then be thankful you only have to wait until January to see the premiere.