Atlanta Announces Final Season to Premiere in September with Very Trippy Teaser

What started as a dramedy about coming up in the rap game in Atlanta has become something so expansive in its artistic scope that it’s hard to truly define or categorize in most traditional ways. Donald Glover’s vision for dissecting race, class, and the history of the two that we all carry with us has been electrifying and why Atlanta has been an award winner right out of the gate.

The reverberations of these past three seasons of the series have already had a ripple effect in terms of what TV could be a doing away with any sort of previously enshrined rules of narrative or genre. We have no doubt that’ll be the case for season 4 of Atlanta especially with an announcement teaser that features Coconut Crunchies falling from the sky, striped gators, an ostrich being born and grown to adulthood in mere seconds, the inverse of a mic drop, and more.

See for yourself here, then get hooked for the fourth and final season of Atlanta when September comes around (thank goodness we don’t have to wait another indefinite amount of years between seasons).