Mitch Hurwitz Announces Arrested Development Season 5 Coming Soon and “Arrested Development Season 4 Remix: Fateful Consequences” Coming This Friday


Arrested Development is a series destined to just make TV history at every turn. 

From improbably coming back at Fox to coming back from the dead over at Netflix to very likely being the first series to intentionally recut an entire season for release (the closest thing we can think of to this experiment by Mitch Hurwitz is the ongoing fan debate of what order in to watch the Star Wars franchise).

In any case, there’s more Arrested Development coming to Netflix soon and, from the sounds of it, it’s back to “normal” (however you define normal in the Arrested Development universe) and we’re really happy to hear that. 

Also, now that we think about it, could Arrested Development give Deadpool a run for its money in the most meta-self-referential franchise on screen? We think so.