Rob Lowe, Megan Mullally, Jenna Fischer To Star In “Apocalypse Slough” Dramedy

(via Deadline)

A sub genre of apocalyptic comedies seems to be recently forming including This Is The End, The World’s End, It’s a Disaster, and the upcoming Last Man on Earth on Fox.

Now, UK’s Sky is producing a mini-series along the same lines that pits an unlikely bunch hunkered down together as a giant comet is headed for earth set to wipe out all life. NBC has agreed to air the series here in the States, which is a smart considering Rob Lowe, Megan Mullally, and Jenna Fischer are all part of the cast. 

Called “Apocalypse Slough”, the mini-series is currently being touted as a dramedy, but with Lowe, Mullally, and Fischer in, we’re sure that comedy will be well represented. 

Also, anyone think that there’s any significant connection between the series being set in Slough, where the UK version of The Office was set, and Jenna Fischer, who was the U.S. counterpart to Dawn in the UK version of The Office? We certainly hope so.