Season 2 of HBO’s Animals Gets a Teaser with Plenty More Critters That Have Human Problems

While the anthropomorphizing of animals isn’t anything new, it’s usually reserved for children’s tales. 

However, the last few years has brought plenty of great animated dramedy that tangle with more nuanced adult issues such as existential despair, complicated relationships, etc.

Phil Matarese and Mike Luciano’s Animals on HBO is one such show and the teaser for their second season looks like it’s promising more exquisite examining of the human condition in the absurd framework of animals both big and little.

Also, the voices of Emilia Clarke, Ice T, Jason Alexander, Kim Gordon, Big Sean, Dan Harmon, Killer Mike, Andy Richter, Mark Duplass, Judy Greer, Fred Armisen, and Jon Lovitz will be featured this season.

If you’re on board, mark your calendars for the season premiere on Friday March 17th at 11:30PM on HBO.