Andy Sandford’s Shameful Information Showcases Some of the Finest Joke Writing Around


Whenever we watch Andy Sandford, we can’t help but think how Andy makes his jokes as funny as they can be. Whether they be extended stories or classic set-up/punch style jokes, Andy meticulous tinkers with how his bits are written and delivered to their funniest point. 

Shameful Information, Andy’s just-released special, exhibits Sandford’s exquisite craftsmanship that’s so enjoyable that you probably won’t even think about how an hour has passed by the time it’s done. Andy taped the special at Star Bar in Atlanta, his hometown, giving a much more genuine feel than you’d might get with a special performed in a gigantic theater. On top of all of that, Andy closes it with one of our all-time favorite jokes about inner city kids watching Abbott & Costello’s Who’s On First.

Also, we’d like to note that this special was recorded pre-2016 election and, for what it’s worth, there is a wondrous air devoid of the unmistakable cynicism of the current moment.

So, you can (and should) get and watch Shameful Information on iTunes right here.