You Should Be Listening to “All Fantasy Everything” If You Need Some Positivity In Your Life


It’s a hard feat within the realm of comedy to be both positive and being funny at the same time. The crux of so many jokes comes rely on a critical, yet pithy and/or clever angle of the world by the comedian/writer/humorist/etc.

Still, that doesn’t mean that being funny about something that’s good can’t be done. That’s where the podcast All Fantasy Everything comes in.

Wonderful comedian and writer Ian Karmel hosts a fantasy draft like you would for football, but, as the title suggests, for everything else. That includes: Taco Bell menu, moments in songs that give you chills, what you would do with a billion dollars, what fictional character you’d date, movie soundtracks and treating yourself just to name a few. The draft itself has a bit of drama kind of like an actual Fantasy Football draft, but nothing too heavy as the podcast is a round-robin of what and why one loves what they love in a certain category.

Karmel is often joined by David Gborie and Sean Jordan along with great guests who really swing for the fences with their pick. They’re 72 episodes in, and, just this past weekend, did a live episode at SXSW, which should give you plenty of reason to binge All Fantasy Everything. Do so here.