Go Watch Alice Wetterlund’s First Hour Special “My Mama Is a Human and So Am I”


Today marks Amazon taking a big step into the world of stand-up comedy specials highlighted specifically by Alice Wetterlund’s first hour special My Mama Is a Human And So Am I.

Amazon Studios released four very different comedy specials (and Jim Gaffigan’s latest hour earlier this week), but Alice’s special stood out for us as she really got to let loose with her cool, sharp, and deftly wry sense of humor for a whole hour. Undeniably, Wetterlund has a command of the room in such an effortless way. She satirically points out how deep the threads of the patriarchy run through every fiber of society and examines her own long journey of self-acceptance and healing all while maintaining a relaxed vibe, sneaking in punchlines throughout. 

So, please enjoy My Mama Is A Human And So Am I as it just started streaming on Amazon Prime today.