You’ve Never Seen a Comedian Destroying Heckler Go This Far (Thanks to Ahamed Weinberg and Mekki Leeper)

With the advent of YouTube and Jamie Kennedy’s documentary, one of the most popular things to watch, especially when it comes to stand-up comedy, is comedians handling unruly audience members heckling them and roasting them into an ash-ridden crisp. You’ve probably gone down a rabbit hole yourself looking up ‘comedian destroys heckler’ videos and lord knows that there are comics out there that have largely made it their brand to annihilate drunk and/or angry people that will not shut up.

The ever clever Ahamed Weinberg and Mekki Leeper “found” themselves at a whole other level of where a comedian destroying a heckler could go, almost like nothing you’ve seen before (mostly because none of the Bourne movies ever start out with a comedian).

Watch and enjoy the craziest heckler destroying a comedian video on IG here.