Pick of the Day: Aesthetical Relations 8/6

We were truly taken by Christina Catherine Martinez’s first foray into the IG Live space with her comedy/art talk/experimental comedy show Aesthetical Relations. We’re still taken by the audacity of the opening, which has us still ruminating on its audacity and how she cleverly pushed the boundaries of the aesthetics of the Gram (in addition to have all sorts of weird and wonderful treats with offbeat characters, high art/literary folks, and niche, but thoroughly satisfying bits).

So, we wouldn’t dare let ourselves go without specifically telling you about the very next Aesthetical Relations that Christina would be exhibiting, which just happens to be this Thursday, Aug. 6th at 7PM PT/10PM ET over @xtina_catherine on Instagram. Very, very special guests include the hysterical Jamel Johnson (who possibly made the first legit comedy special in quarantine), Dr. Angelo Castoria, and clowning/character sensation Courtney Pauroso.

Until that time, please enjoy Christina’s personal announcement for this edition of Aesthetical Relations.