Please Enjoy Christina Catherine Martinez’s “Aesthetical Relations” That Really Pushes the Limits of IG Live

Leave it to Christina Catherine Martinez, comedian, author, and professional art critic, to take the incredibly limiting medium of Instagram Live and turn into something wild, whimsical, dangerous, funny, and genuinely illuminating (like she tends to do with her comedy when done live in person).

Martinez did the first virtual edition of her normally recurring art comedy talk show Aesthetical Relations (with guests Kat Toledo, Jamie Loftus, and Angella d’Avignon) made something truly special. In fact, we may go so far as to say that it might have one of the best openings (there’s an unmistakable indie/cinematic feel to it) to an IG Live show that we’ve ever seen.

So, without any more delay, please enjoy this first virtual edition of Aesthetical Relations here (pt. 1) and here (pt. 2)