Pick of the Day: The Adventures of Sleepyhead (A Kid-Friendly Play) (in LA) 3/17-3/19

It’s not often that we recommend transparently family friendly shows here, because, well, ones of true quality are quite rare. That’s not to say that don’t happen and The Bob Baker Marionette Theater is proof positive of that.

Also, there’s a new play coming from internationally acclaimed, brilliant clown Gemma Soldati that will be for kidd-oes and grown-ups alike called The Adventures of Sleepyhead next month. If there’s someone that can pull off that tricky balance of truly, deeply entertaining audiences inclusive of all ages, it would be the adept clowning instincts of Gemma. This play will dive into, with the audience very much being part of the experience, into where imagination comes from (almost sounds like it could be a Pixar movie?) and it will undoubtedly be a delight to see Soldati play with kids and their parents throughout the hour.

The Adventures of Sleepyhead is set to play at The Elysian on Fri. Mar. 17th at 7:30PM, then Sat. Mar. 18th & Sun. Mar. 19th at 2PM. Tickets are only $10 a pop and you ought to go get them here.