Aaron Weaver’s Cosmic Joke Might Be the Chillest Comedy Album This Year


Chill, clever, cheeky, thoughtful and, again, very chill, Aaron Weaver is the perfect comedian to get a laugh while stargazing, enjoying a sunset, or any other sort image that’s meditative.

In fact, this debut album Cosmic Joke opens with a very laid back, but delightful guided meditation that sets the tone of easing back on an inner tube on a lazy river. That being said, Weaver’s writing and observations are very slick (and silly) and he uses his stoner-affected delivery and cadence to hide the seams of his well-crafted jokes. All in all, Cosmic Joke is a comedy album that’s probably perfectly paced for these times if you need to need to laugh about the universe in a way that isn’t fueled by existential dread.

So, please get and enjoy Aaron Weaver’s Cosmic Joke here.