Kate Berlant and John Early Have a Surrealist Comedy Mini Series “555″ Coming to Vimeo and It Just Got a Trailer

The duo of Kate Berlant and John Early with director Andrew DeYoung are a comedy power trio that needs to be on all of your radars. 

Both Berlant and Early have already gotten to do works separately on Netflix’s Characters and DeYoung has directed both of them before in such fine work as Dinner Party

Their latest collaboration will arrive in the form of a Vimeo on Demand mini-series of short films called 555.  (the series’ focus on “a stark, humid, surreality of Hollywood,” probably suggests the 555 to be a reference to the three digit prefix that signifies a fake telephone number primarily used in movies and television.) 

Get a delicious taste of what’s in store for 555 in this trailer, then you can buy (or pre-order) all five episodes for $3.99 at Vimeo on Tuesday, January 31st.