5 Sentence Review: Sean Green’s “The Whiskey Dick”

1. As it was recorded live in a bar in Sean Green’s hometown Philadelphia, PA, “The Whiskey Dick” is a great example of what a battle stand-up comedy is and how a funny comedian can win against a rowdy crowd.

2. Normally, when comedians talk about pop culture and sports, their jokes are often forced, rote, and predictable, but such is not the case with Green, who regularly makes fun of the two on his podcast, the Green Room Show.

Sean Green : Sean Green the Whiskey Dick

3. Even though there is a good few minutes of Sean trying to shut everyone up, there is a specific inclusion of him dealing with hecklers that’s pretty great.

4. The youth of Green, which, arguably, he is still working through, provides for hysterical run-ins with the law and getting turned down by a Quiznos despite working at Quiznos.

5. If you need an explanation of the last track which isn’t stand-up or a sketch, but an explanation of sorts, tweet at Sean @greenroomshow.

You can buy or download “The Whiskey Dick” now at CD Baby.