5 Sentence Review: Hannibal Buress’ “Animal Furnace”

1. Many of the topics on his second special Animal Furnace are very traditional in the realm of stand-up comedy (i.e. airports, expressions that are weird, rap lyrics, etc.), but Hannibal Buress has such a wondrous perspective on the world that he could be talking about almost anything and it’d be funny, even food.

2. Through entirety of the hour long Comedy Central special, it’s evident that Buress has gotten his comedic voice down pat to where many of his side remarks, non-sequiturs, and tangents within and between his jokes get huge laughs.

3. It almost transcends the idea of accessibility in comedy as there are clear cut jokes and also references for those more comedy savvy to appreciate, but none of that really comes to mind while watching Hannibal go through his material when you simply enjoy it for being funny sans qualifiers.

4. Covering weird women, handlebar mustaches, Odd Future lyrics, and more weird women, the content of Animal Furnace is a bit scattered, but the jokes are so good it doesn’t make it hard to follow.

5. Hannibal does mention being black, but only does so fleetingly, because he’d rather just talk about the hardships being named Hannibal has brought him rather than the collective black experience, which is a type of self-truth that more comedians should strive for.

Animal Furnace will be available on both DVD and CD on Tues. May 22nd and is airing on Comedy Central right after this review was posted.