The 2016 Bridgetown Comedy Festival Is Happening Next Week

We’ve got the line-up for you here and, per usual, it’s a doozy.

Next Wednesday, June 1st through Sunday, June 5th, Portland will get its wondrous annual Bridgetown Comedy Festival.

Below, we have the full line-up (subject to change, of course) of performers and shows. After taking several moments to take all of that in, you can buy your passes and tickets here.

Rachel Bloom
Aimee Mann
Ted Leo
Eddie Pepitone
Morgan Murphy
Kyle Mooney
Sara Schaefer
Steve Agee
Brendon Small
The Thermals
Jonah Ray
Baron Vaughn
Greg Behrendt
Matt Braunger
Moshe Kasher
Aparna Nancherla
Oscar Nunez
Janet Varney
John Michael Higgins
James Urbaniak
Brooks Wheelan
Cole Stratton
Jessica Makinson
John Roderick
Merlin Mann
Dwayne Perkins
Lance Bangs
Louis Katz
Chris Cubas
Alice Wetterlund
Guy Branum
Laura Kightlinger
Bil Dwyer
Laurie Kilmartin
Rick Overton
Josh Sneed
Julian McCullough
Eliza Skinner
Jay Larson
Dulce Sloan
David Huntsberger
Dan Telfer
David Gborie
Matt Kirshen
Rhea Butcher
Tone Bell
John F. O’Donnell
Mike Burns
Ryan Sickler
Matthew Broussard
Heather Thomson
Solomon Georgio
Jesse Popp
Matt Koff
Jenny Zigrino
Nick Youssef
Zak Toscani
Dino Archie
Sam Jay
Nathan Brannon
Steven Wilber
Curtis Cook
Bryan Cook
Sean Jordan
Joe Pera
Andy Wood
Dave Ross
Mike Bridenstine
Amy Miller
Casey Ley
Ahamed Weinberg
David Tveite
Alex Falcone
Rob Haze
Yusef Roach
Anthony Lopez
Bri Pruett
Carmen Lagala
Casey James Salengo
Caitlin Weierhauser
Derek Gaines
Hutch Harris
Rylee Newton
Andrew Michaan
Emily Galati
Emma Willmann
J.P. McDade
Gilbert Lawand
Hans Kim
Janelle James
Adam Pasi
Georgea Brooks
Gabe Dinger
Jack Martin
Mia Jackson
Jacob Christopher
Katie McCarthy
Robert Buscemi
Tony Sam
James Fritz
Geoffrey Asmus
Clare O’Kane
Josh Androsky
Jason Webb
Barbara Holm
Jesus Trejo
Nato Green
Martin Urbano
JoAnn Schinderle
Jon Washington
Kate Willett
Leah Mansfield
M.K. Paulsen
Janae Burris
Maria Shehata
Lizzy Pilcher
Rebecca O’Neal
Megan Gailey
Molly Ruben-Long
Abby Rosenquist
Tafadzwa Gwaze
Nariko Ott
Richard Douglas Jones
Jason Traeger
Natalie Palamides
Preacher Lawson
Nick Dixon
Nick Sahoyah
Patrick Susmilch
Toby Muresianu
Subhah Agarwal
Quincy Jones
Devin Field
Raghav Mehta
Mike Coletta
Tawanda Gona
Steph Tolev
Ella Gale
Sabrina Jalees
Philip Schallberger
Sammy Arechar
Simon Gibson
Shane Torres
Whitney Streed
Lou Perez
LeviathanThe Liberators
Curious Comedy Players
Andrew Ti
Ryan de la Garza
Jake Browne

Rachel Bloom
An Evening With Aimee Mann and Ted Leo (and Friends!)
Lance Bangs Presents: Come Laugh with Us
Theme Park Improv
Baked with Brendon Small and Steve Agee
Guy Branum’s Gay Bash
Roderick on the Line
Yo, Is This Racist? LIVE PODCAST
Eddie Pepitone’s Bloodbath
The Crabfeast with Ryan Sickler and Jay Larson
Julian Loves Music
Probably Science
Joke Thieves
Nato Green Presents: Laughter Against the Machine
Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction
Set List
Turnt Up with Eliza Skinner
Uncalled Four
Pep Talks Podcast
You Had to Be There
Unsafe Space
Earthquake Hurricane
Stand Up For Yourself! With Amy Miller
Rants Off/ Dance Off
It’s Gonna Be Okay
The Liberators present Mood Music
Reading The Bible With Dan Live
The Dirty 30
New Negroes
Hound Tall with Moshe Kasher"Hidden America with Jonah Ray" Screening and Q & A