The Zack and The Jess’ “Calendar Album” Is One Great Way to Get Through 2019


Zach Reino and Jessica McKenna have dazzled you with their musical comedy talents for years now with series, live shows, and, most recently, their celebrated improvised musical podcast Off Book

For 2019, it looks they’re going by The Zach and The Jess and have released an entire concept album called The Calendar Album that gives you their uber-clever songwriting and beautiful harmonizing for any time of the year. They even cover holidays that don’t normally get their own dedicated song. With that said, Zach and Jess have raised the bar for any recording artists that make an album just for the holidays and no other time of year.

We also love that they recommend, “…the correct way to listen to it is 1.5 songs per month.”

So, please get and enjoy The Calendar Album here or wherever you get your music.