YouTube to Spend More on Its Top Content Creators

(via Variety)

As the digital space gets more and more flooded with content from all angles including Netflix, Funny or Die, Hulu, Amazon, etc. in addition to many networks offering their content fully online, YouTube is no longer the ubiquitous place to watch original content online as it once was.

In a recent announcement, YouTube has stated that will be investing more in their top content creators in order to let them generate more videos as well as keep them around at YouTube instead of being lured somewhere else.

The amount and how it will be divvied up has yet to be determined, but seeing that YouTube has to increase their spending in order to compete online is yet another sign of the migration of viewership from TV to the Internet.

Also, YouTube’s stars might just have a budget soon to make funny viral videos outside of their rooms away from the front of their computers a little more often.