Pick of the Day: You’re Cordially Invited (in LA) 7/7

We’re in the thick of wedding season and this is a great opportunity to not only see the nuptials of a couple sanctifying their love under the eyes of the government, but also hear a bunch of speeches from, very likely, a whole host of people who have public speaking as one of their greatest fears.

With that in mind, a bunch of UCB folks led by Lexie Koss and Lilliana Winkworth will be highlighting the comedy gold that so often is presented with earnest, but misguided attempts at celebrating newlyweds with improvised wedding speeches (based off suggestions) at a new show at UCB Franklin, You’re Cordially Invited. Speakers/players include Andrew Knox, Skarlett Redd, Elizabeth Andrews, Damon Royster, Sophie Delaney, Jess Uhler, Ellie Race-Moore, Paul Heredia, and Matt Newman and you should save this Fri. Jul. 7th at 10PM (and $10) to join in this improvised wedding party.

You can (and very much should) get your tickets for this momentous occasion here.