Wired Insider Gets in on This Comedy Thing We’ve Been Hearing About

Photo by Rebecca Adler Rotenberg

It would seem as though that this comedy thing we try to cover here might be catching on. A couple of weeks ago we attended Wired Magazine’s Wired Insider Culturazzi Event Series, which sounds more exclusive than the majority of the shows we get to go to. Still, we were happy to find that the “gastronaut”, “digital gentleman”, “adventure capitalist”, “smarter upstarter”, and more subscriber distinctions of Wired Insider members were going to see the likes of Maria Bamford, TJ Miller, James Adomian, Sean Patton, Kristen Schaal, Jerrod Carmichael, and Andrés Du Bouchet; i.e. some of our favorite comedians working today. Also, with Funny or Die and the wonderful folks at Cleft Clips (The Super Serious Show, The Plop List) producing, we had no doubt it’d be a night of comedy to remember, especially considering most of the high powered folks in the audience don’t normally watch comedy live.

Here’s a rundown of some of the evening’s highlights/reasons why, hopefully, Wired Insiders will become comedy fans for life/parts of a total sum why more comedy events like this should happen more often because it’s hilarious, life affirming, etc. 

Photo by Rebecca Adler Rotenberg

-An appearance by Conan writer Andrés Du Bouchet’s Danny Yeah Yeah, the most amazing “warm-up act” you’ve ever seen, and a round of the Yeah Yeah game.

Sean Patton killing with just flipping a water bottle around at the top of his set

Jerrod Carmichael getting an entire room to laugh at a pro-Michael Jackson and kids joke

Kristen Schaal auditioning to be a magician’s assistant

James Adomian’s story of how he once opened for Joan Rivers (buy his album Low Hanging Fruit to hear it)

Maria Bamford just being there, which, if you’ve seen her perform recently, should be good enough to make you laugh and feel better about life in general than you have in awhile.

TJ Miller making fun of the Marriott Hotel, which is where this event took place, after TJ was listing sponsors of this show on stage, then a Marriott rep yelled “and Marriott!” in such a way that seemed like expert tightrope walking with jokes, ending his set in a cloud of sprayed mist and big applause. 

Photo by Rebecca Adler Rotenberg