Will Ferrell (Probably) Sets Record for Simultaneous Late Night Appearances as Ron Burgundy

In order to promote season 2 of The Ron Burgundy Podcast, Will Ferrell showed up not once, twice, but five times across all of late night last night as his famed Anchorman character, Ron Burgundy. 

All told, Ron performed on Conan, Colbert, Fallon, Kimmel, Corden, and Seth Meyers last night.

This is notable for a few reasons. 

First, we’re pretty sure that no one else has pulled such a feat off by securing that many late night appearances in one fell swoop and having them all be on the same night (there must be a lot of coordination on wardrobe and pre-taping). Thus, it’s probably a world record. 

Second, this is a testament to the power of podcasts these days as Ferrell essentially did a special’s worth of TV appearances in character with almost different, intentionally bad material all to plug the season two premiere of The Ron Burgundy Podcast. Essentially, Ferrell pulled a TV stunt like no other to promote a podcast. Wow.

Third, Burgundy has his best breakdown among these performances with this attempt at doing a ventriloquist act.