Why Can’t Everyday Be ‘Sunday Sunday Sunday’?

On a cold wintry LA Sunday evening, one would be right in thinking that must denizens of their vast city would revert to shutting themselves in, especially since, as far as stand up comedy goes, Louis CK’s “Hilarious” was debuting on Comedy Central and Fox’s newest cartoon show, “Bob’s Burgers”, with a few hilarious comedians as well, was also premiering.  Yet, the reputation of the Sunday Sunday Sunday Show at the Improv Space in Westwood held up and boasted a packed crowd where extra lawn chairs were almost not enough to seat the capacity crowd.

Going on their 4th year running an independently run and produced stand up comedy show, Karl Hess (pictured above), Asterios Kokkinos, and Gian Molina have branded themselves amongst a neighborhood full of options of nighttime entertainment in the very hip and youthful Westwood as a place for a grand old time full of laughs the whole way through.  It only took 20 minutes for the entire Improv Space to fill up with a crowd of 40+ of both students and residents of Westwood where the theatre is located.

That feat isn’t entirely surprising when one considers that every line-up at Sunday Sunday Sunday rivals any show at any major comedy club.  This past Sunday, Kyle Kinane, Kumail Nanjiani, Eli BradenGreg Barris, who are all comics that tour around the U.S. and who have been on TV, graced the Improv Space stage and showcased some of the best in what some might consider “alternative comedy”, but what is really just some of the most hilarious material from some of the most original performers on the comedy scene.  Spirited host Karl Hess (along with his mastery of “kicking the mic stand”) Asterios Kokkinos, and Gian Molina definitely do their part, not only in producing a great setting to attract great comics, but also in maintaining an energetic vibe on their stage through such things as opening the show on the them to the “A-Team”.  In this respect, this show rightfully aspires to be a part of the ground floor of the next generation in comedy.

Somewhat distanced from Hollywood, Sunday Sunday Sunday offers up to all the comedy lovers of LA yet another place on Sunday, as there are several great bar/lounge comedy shows that have gained notoriety, where you can go see a laugh for completely FREE, meaning no cover or minimum, (check Wisepix for more such listings) with some of the best comics working today.  In other words, we should replace two days of the week (perhaps Mon. and Wed.) and make them into SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY.  The Sunday Sunday Sunday Show is on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of every month, 9:30PM at the Improv Space 951 W. Gayley in Westwood and is completely free of charge.