Watch “Whitmer Thomas: The Golden One” Trailer

HBO’s latest comedy special will continue their exploration of pushing comedy specials into, well, new territory. Whitmer Thomas, a comedian that charmingly wears his heart so prominently on his sleeve, has such an hour for HBO with The Golden One and will be blending original songs, original stand-up, and intimate vignettes of his personal life and family that 110% wonderfully informs all of his comedy. 

Having seen Whitmer start at open mics here in LA, we’re truly marveling at seeing that this is where he has evolved to comedically. So, we’re very excited to see what he carefully and lovingly crafts with an entire HBO special.

Get a peek of all of this in Whitmer Thomas: The Golden One’s trailer here, then look for it to premiere on Sat. Feb. 22nd at 10PM on HBO.