The White House Correspondents Dinner, That Annual Roast of the President, Is Set to Return in 2022

(via Deadline)

Because Donald Trump is a thin-skinned narcissist, the annual White House Correspondents Dinner was not held or observed in any of the manner that it had been held in quite awhile. There were years where it wasn’t held due to Trump and COVID, a year where historian Ron Chernow was a speaker rather than a comedian, and then there even was Samantha Bee’s Not The White House Correspondents Dinner as a response to the happening’s absence.

This extended indefinite hiatus from the White House Correspondents Dinner being a platform for a comedian to roast all of Washington D.C. and mainstream news outlets and POTUS to do the same in kind might be coming to an end in 2022. The White House Correspondents Association, the organization responsible for putting on “nerd prom” every year, announced plans for holding the dinner in 2022, specifically on April 30th, 2022 for a fully vaccinated crowd.

There was, unfortunately, no other word about what the format or the host for the evening would be. One can only hope that it’ll be someone who will pick up right where Michelle Wolf and Hasan Minhaj left off with a scorch the earth approach to the night with many of the most powerful people in America sitting just mere yards away from the stage.

If that is the case, who would they get? Trevor Noah? John Mulaney? Jon Stewart? Jena Friedman? Samantha Bee? Maybe Stephen Colbert might re-emerge as the Colbert we knew from his last WHCD performance. We’ll just have to hope the WHCA will book someone and reveal it as a holiday gift.